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Anime about classical music and conducting - how boring is that?! Well, I stand corrected. This is seriously funny and has amazing music.

Btw, this is Chiakii and his teacher Milchy Stresemann ;-)


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Attaque by Lee Sae Hyung
Amazing art, all color pages, online comic about fencing.
Interesting characters, intelligent story. I love the artwork.

These two are the main characters. :-) :-)

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A Silver-Haired Fallen Angel while evoking countless voiceless Screams descends into the Deep Darkness!!

Yes, it's probably correct to say that the hero of this anime has some issues ... Master criminal, highly powerered esper, fought in WW2 and still looking as young as a 17 year old schoolboy - at the beginning of the anime he breaks into a prison for espers to free one of his comrades. And while doing so, meets Andy Hinomya, a half esper who is quite the intriguing character ... but is he worth the trust?


Hyoubu Kyosuke getting angry
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I love the manga and finding this anime made me very happy.

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Swimming anime, beautiful animation, sweet guys, some drama. When I was young I was a member of a swimming club, so this is the anime for me :-)
As always I prefer the original version with subtitles.
Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

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Death Note


Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

Tiger and Bunny

Some wise advise from my pal at TV Tropes:

Find more recs at my LJ

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A warrior draws a blade to take a life. A hero draws a blade to save one.

Sword of the stranger OST, trailer  and pics.
Amazing, touching, epic anime. And the fandom is so tiny!! (note: do not watch the english dub, the voices are awful. Watch the original japanese version with english subtitles. So much better!)

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Well, that was easy. I *am* easy to please! I spend a little bit of money for a good cause (my sanity!) and imported all my bookmarks from delicious into my new Pinboard account. Yay. Works!!
Thank you Pinboard!


Sep. 19th, 2011 06:52 pm
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Haven't posted much here - so how about an update on artsy things I'm doing at the moment :



And had a marvellous time on Saturday with lots of coffeine, cake,  spes_unica, grinning_soul and spoiledcat ! See you soon!
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This is a link to my very favorite fashion reporter - Bill Cunningham from the New York Times.
Bill is 80? something ("I started photographing people on the street during World War II"), a fashion reporter with an online archive of wonderful wonderful photo/audio reportage, a real gentleman who adores his metier and his subjects - listening to him describing the fashion-wear on inauguration day (blankets!!) was both hilarious and very touching.
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Well, just in case of DWStampede2009 - I decided to follow the trail of trampled grass and stake my claim here at
That doesn't mean I'm giving up on LJ - on the contrary, I'll be lurking and posting from LJ as usual.
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This actually makes sense - both the tech and the human factor. Amazonfail indeed!

And now for something completely different: WHY IS EVERYONE GETTING A DREAMWIDTH INVITE EXCEPT FOR ME?!